Semi Hermetic/Screw Compressor Overhauling

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Product Description:

Semi hermetic compressors use a cast iron casing for the essential parts. The motor and compressor are still housed together, but they can be accessed as needed. This enables maintenance checks and repair or replacement of parts as they degrade rather than a total failure of the system

The oil-flooded screw compressors are positive displacement-type machines that typically utilize twin meshing rotors for gas compression. In general, they are the most common compressors used by the refrigeration industry. The same oil is also used for lubrication of the compressor bearings and the shaft seal.

Screw compressors are increasingly used in refrigeration and natural gas industries due to their high efficiency and profound reliability compared to the other types of compressors.

FTI has an in-house repairing facility of Semihermatic & Screw compressors at Uppal Hyderabad Works.

semi hermetic compressor
semi hermetic compressor1

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