Flake Ice machines in Hyderabad

Product Description:

Flake Ice machines​ are great for keeping fresh fish and producing chilled. Undercounter flake ice machines are designed to fit beneath a standard height counter and feature an integrated storage bin, while modular units must be mounted on a separate storage bin.

Flake ice makers work on the same basic principle as cube icemakers, but they have an additional component: the ice crusher. As with a cube ice maker, a solenoid valve releases hot gas into the cooling pipes after a set length of time. This loosens the ice column so it falls into the ice crusher below.

Capacities: 0.5 TPD{Tons Per Day} to 60 TPD{Tons Per Day}

Flake Ice machines in Hyderabad

Benefits of Our Flake Ice machines in Hyderabad

Our flake ice machines offer versatile cooling solutions, making them ideal for applications such as seafood preservation, concrete cooling, chemical processing, and more. The soft texture and sub-cooled nature of the ice help maintain low temperatures effectively, reducing spoilage and ensuring product integrity.

In addition to their versatility, our machines are engineered for high efficiency. They produce ice quickly and with minimal energy consumption, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh ice while keeping operational costs low. The durable construction of our machines, made from high-quality materials, guarantees long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.

Maintenance is straightforward with our flake ice machines. Designed for ease of use, they feature accessible components and simple cleaning procedures, which contribute to hassle-free operation and long-term reliability.

Discover the ultimate solution for your ice production needs with our state-of-the-art Flake Ice Machines. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, these machines produce soft, thin flakes of ice perfect for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry, healthcare, or fisheries, our flake ice ensures optimal cooling without compromising quality. With advanced technology, our machines guarantee consistent performance, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency. Choose our Flake Ice Machines for superior ice production that meets the highest standards of excellence.

USES: Cooling Fresh Caught Fish, Poultry Chilling, Cooling Concrete for construction, Food Processing.

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