Fiber Laser Cutting

Overview The quality fiber laser beam results in faster cutting speeds and higher quality cuts compared to other cutting solutions. The key advantage of a fiber laser is its short beam wavelength (1,064nm). The wavelength, which is ten times lower than that of a conventional C02 laser, generates high absorption [...]

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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Overview Computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting is a sheet metal manufacturing process carried out by CNC laser cutters. The primary form of laser cutting for sheet metal is ‘vaporisation cutting’, in which the laser beam melts the material and a high pressure gas removes the molten material. Add some [...]

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Mechanical Laser Cutting Machine

Overview A laser cutting machine is often used in engineering for the precision cutting of components of machines. For industrial applications, a laser cutting machine is often used to cut structural and piping materials and flat sheet material such as metal. The inexpensive availability of high-power laser beam sources is [...]

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