Ripening Chambers in Hyderbad

What is Ripening chambers?

Fruit ripening chambers are engineered to stimulate nature's ripening process. By controlling temperature, exposing the fruit to uniform and controlled levels of Ethylene gas, venting CO2 gas, and reducing the total ripening process to 4-6 days, our chambers ensure the best quality produce.

Ripening is a crucial process in fruits that makes them more palatable. As fruit ripens, it generally becomes sweeter, less green, and softer. Interestingly, although the acidity of fruit increases as it ripens, the higher acidity level does not make the fruit seem tarter.

Ethylene gas, acetylene gas liberated from calcium carbide, and ethephon are some of the commercial ripening agents used successfully in the industry. These agents have been widely studied for their effectiveness in initiating and accelerating the ripening process and their impact on fruit quality and health-related issues.

Product Description:

Freezotechindia provides most advanced fruit ripening rooms for fruits like mango, banana and papaya & Multi Fruits We provide a forced draft cooling system for uniform ripening of fruits even in large capacity rooms. We use a blended gas system for the purpose of ripening which is acceptable as per universal standard. With our system, the client has the unique advantage of controlling the ripening cycle from four to fifteen days! We provide a precise gas monitoring system for better storage life of the product.

Ripening Chambers


Disclaimer: Images/ Pictures are for Indication Purpose only. Actual products may differ.

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Room dimension & refrigeration capacity

SI.NoModelBatch Capacity[MT]Refrigeration Capacity[kW/Room]Central Refrigeration unit Capacity[kW]Connected Power [kW]Required Power[kW]
1RRC 55720158
2RRC 10 ver a1010322613
3RRC 10 ver b1012322916
4RRC 15 ver a1516443320
5RRC 15 Ver b1516443825
6RRC 15 Ver c1518444733
7RRC 20 Ver a2022644938
8RRC 20 Ver b2026646146
9RRC 25 Ver a2528745638
10RRC 25 Ver b2532746343
11RRC 30 Ver a3032866754
12RRC 30 Ver b3036867460

Banana Ripening chamber – Standard 4 chamber format

SI.NoModelCapacity[MT]Width[m]Length[m]Height[m]Refrigeration Capacity[kw]Remarks
1RRC 553.85.03.37 
2RRC 10 ver a103.89.03.310 
3RRC 10 ver b106.25.03.312 
4RRC 15 ver a156.27.03.316 
5RRC 15 Ver b153.813.53.316 
6RRC 15 Ver c154.57.06.5182Tier
7RRC 20 Ver a206.29.03.322 
8RRC 20 Ver b207.09.06.5262Tier
9RRC 25 Ver a256.212.03.328 
10RRC 25 Ver b254.512.06.532 
11RRC 30 Ver a306.213.53.332 
12RRC 30 Ver b307.07.06.5362 Tier
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