An Air Handling Unit (AHU) is used to re-condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system.

The basic function of the AHU is to take in outside air, re-condition it, and supply it as fresh air to a building.

AHU’s supply fresh air to the room. The units take air from the outside, filter it and recondition it (cooled by a cooling coil or heated by a heating coil). Where hygienic needs for air quality are lower, the air from the rooms can be re-circulated for energy-saving purposes.

What is function of AHU?

The air handling unit (AHU) is the heart of central air conditioning. It collects outside air and room air, removes dust and other particles from the collected air, adjusts the temperature and humidity and then supplies comfortable and refreshing air-conditioned air into the rooms through ducts.

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